TEXTURE DISCLAIMER – Due to the distinct nature of human hair, two heads of hair are never exactly the same. Our photos will give you an idea of how the hair textures will look. However, all wavy and curly products are processed for texture. This means that we cannot guarantee that all bundles will look the same.  We also cannot guarantee that wave patterns will remain after co-washing the hair.  Please see hair tips for styling tips for wavy styles.  

COLOR DISCLAIMER – Since our products are not processed or colored, our virgin hair comes only in the natural shades of off black, dark brown, and medium brown #1B/#2/#4 . We cannot guarantee that all bundles will have the same color being that hair is taken from multiple donors. We recommend consulting a professional stylist should you consider coloring the hair. Our hair is able to withstand coloring.

QUALITY DISCLAIMER: Our hair is tested for quality prior to distribution from our vendor; however we cannot guarantee that all bundles are perfect.  We also cannot guarantee that bundles will not shed, tangle, or become dry, because each bundle of hair is taken from a different donor. Some bundles may require more maintenance than others.  Please see our hair tips for info on maintenance.  These tips are set to help you maintain our glam hair for the specified lifetime.